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Measurement Guide

Below are the measurment which we need for any custom stitch order 

Please wear good fitted clothes , nor too tight nor too loose , it is always better to take some one help in measuring your self
It is always better to send fix body size as actual size to the designer as she will adjust the pattern knowing your body size as some garment like garara , lengha , blouse or choridar need special attention and for that we need acurate body sizes

1 Neck Measurments for Collars measure neck circumference
Measure round your neck in inches. Let the tape measure rest on your clavicle

2 Place tape measure round fullest part of your bust for a good fit.

3 Waist are measure as wraping tape on all round your natural waist line

4 Measure hips by placing tape to measure around widest part of the hip and across the fullest part of the buttocks.

5 Cross Shoulders are measure from back from one point of the shoulder blade to other shoulder point horizontally.

6 Arm Hole are measure by lifting the Arm lightly and bend the elbow and measure around the arm hole loosely.

7 Thigh is measure by taking thigh circumference round the widest part of the leg. High up on the leg, just below the crotch.

8 Knee are measure by measuring tape Around knee , measure a bit loosely.

9 Calf Circumference are measure the girth around the largest part of the calf.

10 Sleeves length are taken from tip of your shoulder to the wrists.

11 Trouser are measure from trouser waist including the trouser band, this is from top where you wear trouser at waist down where trouser hem skims your feet